A novel Spy Review: ‘The Banker’s Wife’ by Cristina Alger

A novel Spy Review: ‘The Banker’s Wife’ by Cristina Alger

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Whenever an airplane falls from the radar then crashes into the Alps, killing everyone onboard, most are kept with an increase of concerns than answers.

Annabel Werner’s life is in pretty bad shape. As soon as hitched to Matthew, an essential worker of Swiss United, a strong overseas bank with|ba number of shady clients, she first grieves the increased loss of her spouse, who was simply one of several passengers whom passed away within the crash. Then come the relevant concerns and, together with them, more discomfort. As it happens that Matthew had been traveling from London with a female called Fatima Amir, a female Annabel had never heard her husband mention before. Into the instant aftermath associated with crash and revelation of the most likely event, Annabel views her late husband’s infidelity aided by the mystical hedge investment investor being a worst-case situation. In fact, things are a lot worse.

As soon as connections between Fatima plus an wicked Syrian regime are revealed, then comes another twist: Matthew ended up being her individual banker, which raises questions about him, along with the participation of their manager, Swiss United. Looking for responses, Annabel searches low and high, sooner or later finding an encrypted laptop computer that she thinks holds the secrets that died with Matthew into the Alps.

Meanwhile, Marina Tourneau, a well-known investigative journalist, is at a switching part of her life. A former Navy SEAL turned corporate banker whose father is gearing up for a presidential run after years of writing about power couples and government-types, she’s now set to marry Grant Ellis. But just as she’s ready to walk far from her profession, Marina is expected by her employer to simply take five full minutes away from her getaway in Paris to secure a drive that is hard then smuggle it back home whenever she comes back. After agreeing from web sites what had been allowed to be a easy, uneventful project, Marina quickly realizes there’s more to the tale after discovering that her employer was killed right after providing her instructions.

As both Annabel and Marina investigate things from other ends, Cristina Alger weaves in numerous twists and turns, establishing a shocking conclusion. It is clear early on that Swiss United is dirty, however it’s one other names that turn up that’ll catch visitors off guard. . .

Making her thriller first, Alger jumps feet-first into her brand new genre having a story that is noteworthy greed, power, additionally the never-ending look for truth. Although it’s being billed being a economic thriller, Alger does an excellent task of creating certain her plot can attract anybody. Even people who don’t understand much about banking in addition to economic globe can follow along without the dilemmas, while those deep in the wonderful world of cash and wide range will be able to select on lots of tips tossed in only for them.

A plot that is fascinating fine writing in Cristina Alger’s The Banker’s Wife, that should find its method onto a lot of reading lists come july 1st.

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